Project ReBlossomNZ

  • New Zealand has more than 24,000 species of native flora, many of which play an important role in our unique and diverse ecosystem. With many native blooms under threat, we’re joining forces with WWF-NZ to help save threatened native wildflower species from extinction. In partnership with WWF-NZ, Botanica by Air Wick has created ReBlossomNZ to help protect and conserve threatened native wildflowers.
  • New Zealand’s extraordinary variety of native wildflower species are unique. Not only do they feature in the mosaic of vibrant colours and shapes that our landscape is known for, they create rich habitats that feed and shelter wildlife and may even provide food and natural medicines to us.
  • Although these remarkable species have adapted to the New Zealand environment, they are being pushed closer to extinction by various factors including climate changes which have been linked to more intense natural disasters such as droughts and floods. Thankfully, we can help protect New Zealand’s threatened native wildflowers by giving mother nature a helping hand.

Our commitment

Over the next 3 years, in partnership with WWF-NZ, our aim is to work together to help save threatened native wildflowers from extinction and in turn, help to protect and conserve New Zealand’s native flora and unique biodiversity for the benefit of future generations.

About WWF-New Zealand

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