Airwick Essential Oil Freshmatic Vanilla and Cashmere Prime 174g

Air Wick fragrance infused with natural essential oils. Freshmatic Automatic spray Vanilla & Soft Cashmere

Enjoy a sensual and indulgent touch of cashmere enriched with exotic orchid, warming vanilla and sandalwood scents

Product Features

  • 3 fragrance intensity levels
  • Lasts up to 60 days

Available In: Cherry Blossom Prime

Product Description

Vanilla & Soft Cashmere

Freshmatic automatically releases fresh bursts of fragrance so your home always smells welcoming.

Choose from a wide range of Air Wick refills, to enhance your mood and fill the room with your favourite scent for up to 60 days (based on low fragrance intensity setting).

Read all information on this pack and follow instructions. Carefully before use. Use only as directed. Direct device spray nozzle away from your face at all times and during set up procedure. Retain these instructions for future reference.

1. To open, hold the base in one hand and the top with the other hand and twist anticlockwise (diagram 1). Insert the aerosol refill in the device base, align the small line marking (on top edge of the device base) with the back of the can's spray nozzle. Place the top half of the device on the base ensuring the refill spray nozzle is facing out through the opening and the small triangle alignment marking at the back of the device top is to the right of the small line marking on the base. Push the base and top of the device together and twist clockwise to ""click"" into closed position. When closed the small line and triangle markings at the back of the device are aligned.

2. Lift the lid open (diagram 2), Ensure the control knob is in the Off position (single stick marking).

3. Insert 2 AA/LR6 batteries (diagram 3). Ensure the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals are aligned correctly.

4. Select desired fragrance intensity (diagram 4), using the control knob (low, medium, high dot markings).

5. Replace device lid (diagram 5) by gently pushing it down into closed position. When activated, the device will automatically spray after a delay of 15 seconds. If there's no spray after 15 seconds, switch off the device: a. Check that batteries are inserted correctly b. check refill is inserted with spray nozzle facing out and device is closed properly.

6. With device pointing away from face, place it in desired position at a height of at least 2m from the floor level (diagram 6), facing away from the wall and polished/coated surfaces. If product comes in direct contact with polished or coated surfaces wipe immediately with a damp cloth.

Note: Change aerosol refill when the fragrance is no longer emitted. Ensure the control knob inside the top lid (diagram 2) is in the Off position (single stick marking), replace the refill (directions 1-4 above) and select your chosen fragrance intensity level.

Keep out of reach of children & pets. Pressurised dispenser. Extremely flammable.

Do not pierce or burn even after use.
Protect from sunlight and avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 50°C such as may occur in cars, or near heat sources such as heaters, stoves or open flames.

Do not store, install or use near or ion naked flame, heat or any incandescent material. For example near stoves, heaters or refrigerators.

Do not smoke during use.