Airwick Essential Oil Freshmatic Refill Lavender 174g

Air Wick Freshmatic Refill Lavender is a fragrance infused with natural essential oils.

Available In: Vanilla & Soft Cashmere, Frangipani, Soft Cotton, Spring Delight, Cherry Blossom

Product Description

Up to 60 days fragrance (Based on usage at low setting, 32 minute intervals).

Before use, thoroughly read the directions for use and precautions on the diffuser unit box.

When switched on, the unit will spray immediately. Ensure front of unit is facing away from humans and pets when switching on or inserting refills.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Extremely flammable. Pressurised dispenser.

Do not pierce or burn even after use. Protect from sunlight and avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 50°C, such as may occur in cars, or near heat sources such as heaters, stove or open flame.

Do not store, install or use near naked flame, heat or any incandescent material, for example near stoves, heaters, refrigerators.

Do not smoke during use. Use only as directed.

Do not spray directly onto food, fabric or surfaces. In case of contact with surfaces wipe up immediately with a damp cloth. Slippery on hard surfaces.

Do not breathe aerosol. Use in well ventilated areas.

Do not spray directly towards the eyes, face or skin. May cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product.

Air Fresheners do not replace good hygiene practices.